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Before anything I want to clarify that "rasta" is the name of a religion. Dreadlock is each one of the tubes in your hair. Only in Argentina "rasta" is the name given to the hair style.
First of all, I break the hair when it's clean and dry and I start making the dreads. Later on I apply a liquid that allows me to burn the hair while rubbing it WITH MY HANDS, NOT WITH FIRE or any kind of product that will damage your hair.

Bob Marley was one of the ones that made this hair style known around the world.

Rastas definitivas

There is not such thing as "my hair is just like this, so I can have dreads"; this a big lie. The real dreadlocks can be done, no matter what kind of hair you have. Furthermore you don't need to be religious to wear nice dreadlocks.

We work with our clients, and based on the length of the hair and the kind of face you have (shape, angle, skin tone, etc.), we design the hair style (how the dreadlocks should "go"), all of them with the same thickness, or mixing some thick and thin ones, etc.

The PRICE depends on the difficulty of the work; length, type of hair, amount of hair, thickness of the dreads, etc.

We might need to work from an hour to three. Our technique EXCLUDES: · Dreadlocks that look like braids · Wax · Ash · Using soap · To do them only with threat · Warm wax (from a candle) · Paraffin · Fire · Mud · Permanent liquid · Ammoniac · Mousse · Gel · Etc.etc. The list can be long.

Hair stylists and people who don't know ruin your hair, charging really cheap for their work because they need your hair to try how to make dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are a fashion trend now after the number of singers and actors that wear them on TV. I have been in this business for 13 years, and I still use my technique which demands strength, but which allows you to wear your dreads in Buenos Aires' humidity, go skiing, to get them wet, etc. I work on every kind of hair and for people that live in any kind weather. I know of people who use a lot of methods to do the dreads that are not the right ones, and on top of charging money for them, you have to cut them off because they look really bad. A lot of people don't know that I can fix any kind of dreads (if not, look at the pictures).

50% of my clients come to get their dreads done, and the other 50% come for me to fix the ones they already have, and save their hair because others have ruined it. A lot of people don't know that I can fix any kind of hair (in 2004 the percentage of people who came to get their hair fixed has grown tremendously!).

Dreadlocks is a hair style that people like a lot, and it's also a way of starting a conversation; Can I touch your dreads? Who made them for you?

There are a lot of girls and boys that finally believe me when I say that the dreadlock style attacks the other sex.

I always say to wait to have a boyfriend or girlfriend until you have the dreads because the opportunities to find someone will be bigger once you have them.

To have dreadlocks it's a process and might take from some days up to 2 months for them to look perfectly.

This is how it looks the first day. After that they get thinner, and start shaping up….After some time
This is how it looks the first day. After that they get thinner, and start shaping up….After some time

A lo of people envy someone who has good dreadlocks; you see someone whose dreads are great, and they come to you and ask you what you are using to have them like that, and if you are the one asking, they might answer whatever and you will believe what they say, spend money and energy to have then look bad, or fall off.

I can say all this because I have 13 years of experience. I want you to enjoy doing dreads that look good.
I've done dreads for religious people and for others who wanted to get them done as part of a promise, and I enjoy it, because I love my job.

Recently a lot of people have contacted me to tell me about the problem they have with lice. If you have that problem you can contact us, and we will tell you how to solve your problem. You can contact us by mail, MSN (hotmail messenger) or from our website.

To finish up the rasta hair style, I use a liquid that helps me keep the dreads warm, and this can "burn" your dreads without need to use FIRE. This is the end, but before that I need to make sure that the dreads are done in the right way.

Tambien hago TODO TIPO DE ARREGLOS Rastas torcidas, abiertas, etc. Uno varias Rastas para que queden mas gruesas y lo mas importante es el crecimiento ya que el pelo siempre crece igual que como lo tenés ahora y hay que hacerlo rasta para que tus dreadlocks siempre estén perfectos. No les recomiendo meterse las Rastas para adentro en el pelo crecido (de la raíz), en la mayoría queda mal o se cortan con el tiempo y tambien se afinan en la raíz. Para ello, tengo mi propia técnica .

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